We are always happy to receive proposals! Here are some things you should know before you send us something.


Includes a measured floor plan and a few images of the space.


We encourage you to make full use of the possibilities the space offers – working site-specific is not a must, but we love it. Think of something that you couldn't realize elsewhere and so to say is in real need of a Spoiler. The building will be teared down one day, so we have no problems with any damages that might occur.

The number of participating artists for one show should not be less than four. We do like bigger groups. Do not underestimate the size of the Spoiler. It's huuuuge.

Our shows are short. Meaning that they will usually last for only one weekend with an opening night on Friday. For us, this concept of short-termism has proven itself. It's essential for the idea of Spoiler. However, it is not a dogma and if there are good reasons for it, we also realize longer projects.

Speaking of timing – due to the amount of work and huge number of proposals we receive, it will take us some time to answer your proposal. Proposal sightings take up to 3 months and are being worked on chronologically. We do our best to not let you wait for too long.


• Thought-through idea/concept/curation
• List of confirmed artists. Including Name, Portfolio/Website/Instagram (at least on of the three).
• List of pending artists (if applicable).
• Any other material is welcome too.



Most of the place can be seen from outside, during events, on our Insta feed or on this page.
Feel free to ask for a meeting though.

Thanks for your proposal!